David Natham
AMG, USA, (www.allaboutmusic.com)

"… Maintaining the high standards set by the La Brava label with its previous releases, Jensen delivers a scintillating, expressive 55 minutes of music. Possessing a voice with excellent range, she distributes emotions tailored to the message she wants each song to convey to the listener, whether the tune be an original or standard - the mark of a good jazz singer. Thus, Waltz for Debby is tender and a bit wistful. Teach Me Tonight imparts a sense of urgency as she staggers space between words and lines to make this oft-recorded song come across somewhat differently than one usually hears it. Her own Reality is more contemporary music and comes wrapped in a Brazilian beat. Jensen also recognises the importance of imaginative arrangements to make sure that the proper combination of instrumentation is used to help her meet her performing objectives … she displays a vocal instrument power and clarity combined with a sense of intimacy that makes the session work. Recommended.”