Michael Foster
Canberra Times

“… This velvet voice sings of a wonderful time and style of jazz that will have people of such persuasion drifting down the lane signposted “Memory” recalling mostly sweet and gentle times, wrapped (and rapt) in lovely phrasing, clear diction and beautiful instrumental sounds. Jensen is backed on the session, by musicians described magnanimously by Dale Barlow, himself an Australian great, as “some of the finest established musicians in Sydney” – including the Canberra-educated Nick McBride, now one of Australia’s busiest drummers. On piano and keyboards is Michael Bartolemei, who also collaborated with Jensen and bassist David Stratton in arranging her original tunes Reality (track five of 12) and The Best Thing in Your Life. Steve Brien plays guitars, Casey Greene flute and soprano saxophone; and Graham Jesse alto and tenor saxes. Jensen plays piano and sings solo in Time After Time with the same delicacy and simpatico shown by all throughout the session. Excuse me while I spin it again, and there’ll be no mention of another significant contribution to Australian music from New Zealand, admittedly by way of the United States, Europe and other points.”