Swing Journal

Written by Keiichi Baba (p. 150)

"Blue Joy" Bonnie J Jensen

Rating: Outstanding

"Bonnie J Jensen's debut album "Lucky So & So" was a great collection of standards. Her second album centres on contemporary hit songs and original compositions. The first album was redolent of 1950s masterworks, whereas her new album has an AOR feel about it.

These albums express the two sides of one of the most unique recent musical talents, Bonnie Jensen. Which you prefer is a matter of taste.

Bonnie exudes a rich vocal quality she can use freely in all ranges. In "Blue Joy" she displays her ability to sing any type of song. Young jazz fans will find this album very appealing. She is that rare kind of talent who is both a superb singer and a talented original composer. Knowing how popular she is, the Grand Hyatt at Roppongi Hills featured her last year soon after opening. They knew the Japanese guests would appreciate her talent.

She has sung at first class hotels and top lounges around the world, but you will not find her singing with the exaggerated shouts or the fanciful Coquetry that club singers are prone to. In that regard, she surely has the grace of someone from "down-under".

Her very fine backing consists of tenor sax, trumpet, guitar and rhythm section, whose splendid solo performances can be heard throughout. In that sense too, I rate this highly as a choice example of a modern vocal album.